No matter how beautiful your dreams are, you still have to wake up and face the REALITY

The problem with love is that you can love whoever you want, but so can they..

true isn't it?? *speechless*
hmm..you.. i dunno why..its me who playing around,but its also me who felt heartache everytime i think that you may also have someone else..i'm so selfish..kan? sometimes,i just wish that i never meet you..i never know who you are..coz i dun want this feeling. I hate it :( its your life..you ada hak to do whatever you want..but..shit! kenapa i rasa heartache ni..i just hate it :( i layan you teruk,sbb i rasa in that way,kurang sikit heartache ni.but NO..another thought just cme to my mind,what if,if you fed up with me?
Don't keep a man guessing too long - he's sure to find the answer somewhere else
haiihhh :(

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  1. saya xde hak utk mngubah kamu..