Atashaa Farahin Bte Azahar ; my Angel

My dearest, Your character is fascinating..you are such such a great friend i ever had..you are uncomparable yunk..You have always been such a wonderful protective and supportive person to me...remember this phrase u said to me during our gayut session? "aku tak suka dengar orang kata bukan2 pasal kau..aku tak suka dgr orang panggil bestfriend aku playgirl," aku terharu act dat tyme..(well its before aku marah pasal tudung tu -.-) and before aku daftar kat UiTM s.Alam,do you remember? you did ask me to report everysinglething i did at Shah Alam to you..kau risau aku dapat Shah Alam..kau taknak kawan baik kau niculture shock..it showed how much you do care bout me.. :) and also,u're acted just like a mother.. ;p

you have been with me and been there for me ever since I met you. You were there for me when I was in love, in pain, in confusion. You've had more faith in me than I have ever had in myself... and I am endlessly grateful for that..Our friendship is a miracle itself.. a bless.. a strength that enables us to go on along this bumpy road knowing things will be just fine, bcoz at the end of the day, we know we each have someone who cares about us no matter what happens… or what wrong we may do..

It is such a wonder how when it comes to us, we treat each other differently, I have never managed to treat other friends the way I treat you! I have never managed to bare with some qualities of theirs which contradict to my own..hahaha..unlike us,kita sgt2 complementary..well,perbezaan2 between us is the one which makes we close and click together.. :D kan? kan? ;pI am thankful, for your friendship, for your sisterhood, for the bond that back at some point in our life was about to break, but thanks to you, to your insistence, your patience, Allah not only mended this relationship, but made it one of the rarest in this world… every time I look back at those days, I remember how bad I felt, how lonely, how tears were not only warm and bitter, but brutally stabbing my foolish heart… I Thank Allah, that these days have passed by bringing along brighter memories.. i am glad i did not leave the chance i had to go waste… for i would have ended up suffering my entire life.. **ehem2 surely you did remember our BIG BIG FIGHT kan -.-

baru2 ni,i did lost my-so-called-bestfriendF***Forever,and it did freak you out,til once,you did asked me,what if,what if someday,you're mad at me..will I chase fer your forgiveness? and that moment, saying DON’T GO seems to be stuck in my throat, i keep on reminding myself that I cannot be selfish! I shouldn’t be! Saying it would immediately make me choke with tears….But….PLEASE DON'T GO, and break this fragile heart….. but i'll let you break it, only if it would help mend yours,if only let you go will makes your life more happier..if only someday,u meet a really good friend,seseorang yang mungkin true friend macam kau,i know,i'm not a good friend like you..aku asyik menyusahkan kau with my stories,and i did broke your heart few times,i'm such a bad bad friend fer you.. all I can do is hoping that i'd be the one of the important part of your life for as long as you are an important part of mine...
**i mean it from the deepest point in my heart..

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  1. you know what,
    when i miss you i look back at all those thingy that you write about me. coz it flash back my memories with you.. and i feel how much you appreciate our friendship and by read your blog it make you near to my heart. :'(
    xoxo.ily bestie :)